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 The Thom's left Bremen, Germany in 1873 for America.  They left Germany to find religious freedom for their German Baptist Beliefs.

We know they arrived at Castle Garden New York on November 22, 1873.  The Ship's Master List names the ship, The Bark Jenny.  The passenger list at Castle Garden, names the ship, the Jenny.  The Bark Jenny was a sailing ship and the Jenny was a steam ship.

Aboard the ship were Wilhelm and Marie Forth Thom and their children, Anna 6, Frank 5, Augusta 3 and Ernest 3 months old.  Along with the Thom family were Marie's parents, Ludwig and Friederike Forth and their 17 yr old daughter Minna and their son Louis, his wife Emilie and their children, Minna 15 and Emilie age 7.

CASTLE GARDEN, with its outbuildings, hospitals and offices were all encircled by a large wooden wall.  At the gate, they presented their passports to the officer on guard and they were admitted and ushered into the yard of the Garden.  From there they would go into the main building.  On the left side was a roomy and cleanly kept rest-room for the women.  The men's rest-room was on the right.  They would then go to the two officers on duty to register each of them.  They would have to declare what they were bringing with them.  Next they would go to the 'booker', a clerk for the railroad who ascertained the destination of the Thom and Forth Families.  The 'booker' would then give them a printed slip that set forth the number of tickets wanted and the cost.

Across from the railway counter are the exchange brokers who would exchange their Prussian thalers into American dollars.  They would then buy their railroad tickets.  They would go from New York City to Detroit to Port Huron to Lapeer to Columbiaville Michigan.

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